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Massage Therapy Services offered in Cambridge, Ontario at Crescent Moon Wellness located on the upper level of Moksha Yoga Cambridge


Therapeutic Massage Therapy Treatments
90, 75, 60, 45, and 30 minute increments

Read below for some of the common contexts in which treatment can be helpful.

Areas of Practice





Sore? Achy? Stiff? Have a knot? These are all indications that you could benefit from massage therapy treatment.


Let's face it. Perfect posture is almost not a thing. Between office jobs, texting, and factory work - most of us have options for postural correction.  Your muscles and bones are designed to adapt to the stress placed on them; this is one of your body's very intelligent ways of preventing injury! However, our goal as therapists is to bring your posture back to "plumline" (the natural, neutral position of the joints and muscles in the body) to help alleviate and avoid pain. If none of this makes sense, ask Michelle next time you visit CMW.


Several studies have been conducted on clients after they have received massage therapy treatment.  It has been suggested that treatment helps alleviate emotions that are stored in the body, including stress and anxiety.  Tension is released from the body through manipulation of soft tissue (muscles, joints, fascia) thereby giving rise to sensations of pleasure. Touch receptors carry messages to the brain which acts on the body's neurochemical system and hormonal responses.


Fascia is a connective tissue that helps support the placement of your muscles and internal organs so that - you don't turn into a blob on the floor! It acts much like saran wrap.  However, with repetitive actions, injury and dehydration, fascia can become "stuck".  Enjoy a myofascial release to help facilitate better movement and quality of life - clients often report a feeling of "looseness" after fascial treatments, comparable to stretching.


See postural awareness. Whether you are a factory worker or office worker, you likely have repetitive movements that your body is trying to adapt to.  In the meantime, this might be causing you pain.  Example scenario: You work at a computer 40 hours a week. Your computer screen is lower than eye level, it's several feet away from your chair, and the fonts on the computer screen are small.  To top it off, you've procastinated testing your eyesight and having troubles reading the screen properly.  What happens? You may be unconsciously compensating for your strained vision by leaning forward 8 hours/day, thereby throwing your entire musculoskeltal system out of balance.  Translation: back pain. Seeing a massage therapist can help alleviate this pain, and is also an opportunity to learn postural awareness!


Massage therapy treatment is shown to be extremely effective in improving quality of sleep.  Massage facilitates the production of serotonin, which is the precursor in the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a neurotransmitter that is also known as a sleep hormone, produced at night or with other repetitive behaviours associated with sleep (i.e. lying down on your bed). There are many studies of insomina being combatted with the help of massage therapy treatment as an alternative to traditional Western medication.


Ligaments are the connective tissue that attach bone to bone. Tendons are the connective tissue that attach muscle to bone.  Both ligaments and tendons are susceptible to injury and irritation.  Massage treatment can help facilitate healing to injured tissue and decrease pain.


Did you know that headaches are often related to musculosketal issues? Do you feel a pain that is localized around your ear and into the temples? This might be due to hypertonicty (translation: tightness) in your upper traps, the muscles that allow you shrug your shoudlers toward your ears. This is an extremely common place of tension.  Have these treated in your next massage, and if you have a headache during your treatment Michelle will offer you some peppermint essential oil - a common holistic remedy for subsiding headaches!

private yoga lessons 

Perhaps you already have an established yoga practise, but are looking to get a bit more out of your practise.  Private yoga lessons are beneficial for:

  • revitalizing your practise

  • finally learning how to get in and out of poses safely

  • facilitating deeper stretch, and engaging more muscles in each pose

  • improving your anatomical knowledge

  • become stronger and more anatomically aware

Contact Michelle ( to discuss how your benefits may cover private yoga lessons (if they cover massage, you can qualify for coverage of private yoga lessons under the scope of massage therapy)



Fees for Treatment

90 minutes - $130 + HST

75 minutes - $105 + HST

60 minutes - $90 + HST

45 minutes - $70 + HST

30 minutes - $50 + HST